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"Wise Panda" Kids Short-Sleeve Rashguard

Regular price $42.00 CAD
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Color: Black
"Wise Panda" Kids Short-Sleeve Rashguard - Affordable Rashguards
Size: US-6

Hailing from deep inside the mountains of South-East China, the Jiu-jitsu Panda stalks its prey until it finds the perfect opening. It swiftly neutralizes the target with a crushing double-leg takedown and finishes the job with a lightning fast armbar. Known as the apex predator of the bamboo forests, the Jiu-jitsu Panda is guaranteed to strike fear into your training partners.

This is the kids short-sleeve version of this design!

Attention! Our products are shipped directly to you from the factories in China where most rashguards are made. This is why we're able to offer such low prices! It also means that US shipping times are running between 14 and 21 days . If you need a rashguard immediately, please don't order from us; otherwise, if you're willing to wait, buy with confidence!

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