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What to Know for Your Child’s First Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition

What to Know for Your Child’s First Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition

Competing in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) tournament can be a great experience for your child. It can give them a chance to test their skills, gain confidence and make new friends. But before they step onto the mats, it is important to be as prepared as possible. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your child is ready for their first BJJ tournament.

 Know the Rules

Before your child enters the tournament, it is important for them to understand the rules of the competition. This includes knowing the age and weight categories, the amount of time per round, and the scoring system. It is also important to understand what is and is not allowed in the tournament, such as illegal techniques, as well as any special rules or regulations that may be in place. Your child’s instructor should be able to provide them with all of this information. 

Prepare Physically and Mentally

Your child should be physically and mentally prepared for the tournament. This includes making sure they are eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, and staying hydrated. They should also be doing regular conditioning exercises to strengthen their muscles and increase their endurance. Mentally, your child should be focused on their goals, visualizing success and pushing themselves to do their best.


Be Prepared for the Day of the Tournament

The day of the tournament is important, so make sure your child is prepared. This includes eating a healthy breakfast, arriving early, and having all of their gear such as their gi, belt, and mouthguard ready. It is important to double check the competition schedule and make sure your child is aware of their match times and when they need to weigh in. 

Know What to Expect During the Competition

 Your child should also know what to expect during the matches. This includes understanding the referee’s commands, the different techniques they might encounter, and the possible scenarios that could occur. It is also important to make sure they know to stay calm and focused during the match, and to stay positive even if they have a loss. 


Understand What Comes After the Tournament

Finally, it is important to understand what comes after the tournament. This includes taking the time to reflect on the experience, celebrating any successes, and recognizing any areas that need to be improved. It is also important to thank the referee, coaches, and other competitors for their hard work. Competing in a BJJ tournament can be a great experience for your child. With the proper preparation and understanding of what to expect, your child can make the most of their first competition and grow as a martial artist. 

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